The State Treasurer's Race

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The state treasurer manages billions taxpayer dollars and sits on the boards of California’s public pensions funds—the largest in the nation.
If elected Democrat Bill Lockyer outlined broad goals, saying he’ll advocate for a balanced budget and more state investment in green technology… 

 “The clean and green alternative fuel strategies need to be exapanded in our state.  Hopefully we can capture that…”
Republican Claude Parrish says he would save the state money by cutting underwriting fees earned by what he calls “middlemen” in large bond transactions.  He also wants to encourage more Californians to save and would create a small investors program. 

 “Where every Californian with as little as 100-dollars can invest in California municipal bonds in a program very similar to United States savings bonds.”

Both Lockyer and Parrish are termed out of their current public positions.