Reward Rising For Deputy Sheriff's Killer

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sacramento County Supervisors Tuesday voted to add another $100,000 dollars to the reward. 

"The total now stands at $225,000."  

Board Chairwoman Roberta MacGlashan says with the killer still at large they want to do everything they can to protect law enforcement officers and the public. 

"And we’re hopeful that this number will attract attention to those who might have information in the case." 

The rest of the reward money comes from the governor’s office and former Congressman Doug Ose. Meantime, the investigation into Deputy Mitchell’s death continues around the clock.

William Vizzard – the head of Sacramento State’s Criminal Justice Department – says most murders of police officers eventually get solved. 

"Because this case is getting so much attention and so much publicity there’s a much greater chance that they’ll succeed in getting some sort of a tip that will lead them to a suspect than if it were an obscure homicide of an unknown person."  

Investigators say the gunman may have suffered injuries to his face and hands during a struggle with Deputy Mitchell.

A memorial service for Mitchell is set for Friday morning at Raley Field.