State Attorney General Sues Large Automakers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The complaint by state Attorney General Bill Lockyer alleges that automakers have created a public nuisance by producing millions of vehicles that collectively emit massive quantities of carbon dioxide.  Lockyer says the damages sought will be in the tens of millions of dollars.  He says the auto industry can’t ignore damage done to the environment and public health by their products. 

 “It includes coastal and beach erosions it includes seawater intrusion into the Delta drinking supply and other harms to environment and to people..” 

The “big six” automakers targeted in the lawsuit include Chrysler, GM, and Ford, as well as Toyota, Honda and Nissan’s North American operations. In a response, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers said automakers would need time to review the complaint but noted that carmakers are building cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles.