Two Very Different Campaigns On The Kings Arena Tax

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 17, 2006
The Sacramento Chamber of Commerce is leading the campaign in favor of the arena tax.
Spokesman Doug Elmets says he expects full support from the business community:
We’re going to aggressively be raising funds.  It’s going to be, I presume, an expensive campaign.
Elmets wouldn’t say how much the Chamber plans to spend on advertising, mailings, political consultants and the like. 
Meanwhile, Sacramento Assemblyman Dave Jones, head of the recently formed Sacramentans Against the Arena Tax, was more forthcoming about his group’s finances:
We have resigned ourselves to the fact that all the money’s going to be on the other side.
The most sophisticated arsenal being used by Jones’ group is a website. Otherwise, its plan is for members to make phone calls and go door to door to get their word out.