Supervisors Will Vote For A Second Time On Arena Issue

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 31, 2006
Supervisors will take a second vote on whether to put a quarter cent sales tax increase on the November ballot, as well as a measure to spend 50 percent of that increase on a new arena.  Supervisors gave initial approval to both measures last week.  A major opponent of the plan won’t be at Wednesday’s meeting.  Dave Tamayo, with People United for a Better Sacramento expects the second vote will be the same as the first. He says his group has better things to do:
We’re in the process of developing our fundraising strategy, because we realize that we’ve gotta, ya know, have some money for a credible campaign against this.
The tax hike is expected to raise one-point-two billion dollars over 15 years. Supervisors must vote on the issue twice, because state law requires two votes on any ordinance that changes county law.