Capitol Construction Wrapping Up

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 31, 2006

Crews are putting the finishing touches on a security pavilion on the Capitol’s north side.  There’s already one in place on the south side…
that’s where in 2001, a big rig driver smashed into the steps.  That was certainly a wake-up call, says Tony Beard, Chief Sergeant at arms for the state Senate, but a security project had been underway since 1998.  Beard says it originally included a fence – but that was scrapped in favor of short metal posts to prevent cars from driving up to the building:

“People from around the world come here to meet with the legislature and this governor – and other governors in the past because we do impact the world and frankly I think it’s second only to congress and with that go the security concerns of those levels.”

He expects most of the work to be finished by late September.   The project cost nearly seven million dollars.