Poll Says Affordable Housing A Big Concern

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 23, 2006

For the first time in the five years that Sac State has conducted the survey, length of residence doesn’t seem to impact peoples’ views of affordable housing.

Sac State researcher Amy Liu says more than half of long-time residents and 48-percent of newer residents see it as a major issue. 

"This year, they pretty much agree, it doesn’t matter how long they’ve lived here, the housing is not affordable to them anymore." 

She says 90% think local government officials should provide housing opportunities for low-income families.

Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo says both the city and county are working on that - trying to force developers to build more affordable units. But there are some challenges.   

"The difficulty in finding sites and the kind of natural reaction that many people have to say ‘not in my neighborhood.’"

Fargo says Sacramento currently has about 10 successful affordable housing developments including Victory Townhomes on Dixieanne Avenue and Acacia Meadows on Stockton Boulevard.