Prop 81: Library Bond Goes Down in Defeat

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Assemblymember Lois Wolk of Davis co-chaired the Prop 81 committee. She says there will be new efforts to renovate and rebuild California’s libraries.   

“I think we who love libraries have our work cut out for us.   We have to renew that trust and partnership with the electorate about libraries. Cause we know how important they are and libraries need to make the case and I think we who love libraries need to do the same.”

Prop. 81 opponents objected to borrowing money for library projects.  A PPIC poll last month found 51 percent of California voters supported the measure, while 41 percent were opposed. Assemblymember Wolk says they plan to talk to voters to find out exactly why the measure was rejected