Theatre Review: "Spinning Into Butter"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 1, 2006

Dean Sarah Daniels handles scholarships, and she’s got a deserving student, born in New York, of Puerto Rican heritage. He describes himself as Nuyorican, a term that’s used back east. But Daniels worries her committee won’t understand what Nuyorican means. So she asks if he could, you know, pick another label. He’s not happy.

(excerpt from play)

This episode is just an appetizer in this high risk comedy. Things get really complicated when a black student receives threats, the college administration tries to formulate an “appropriate” response, and a mess results. This show features biting comedy on a very touchy subject. It also deals with the way people who have little information jump to conclusions, as happened with the lacrosse team at Duke University. But remember, “Spinning Into Butter” is a comedy, a very challenging comedy, and you’re likely to laugh, even as you see yourself in the characters on stage.