Female Athletes Far From Equal

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 2, 2006

Former WNBA star of the Sacramento Monarchs Ruthie Bolton has experienced the inequities firsthand.  “Even though I know we don’t compare to the men, yet, but I’ve seen a lot of progress in the young girls in junior high, high school and college.”

Though Title Nine was put in place 34 years ago to eliminate gender discrimination in schools – some female athletes and coaches say they still don’t get their fair share of funding.  And another type of discrimination has reared its head, says Marlene Bjornsrood, of the Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative. “Lesbian athletes continue to be cut from teams – suspected lesbian coaches are fired, and some schools have in place “no lesbian” policies.”

State Legislation approved last year requires the state department of education to post information about title nine on its website.