Bond Proposal Hearings Begin This Week

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 23, 2006

Legislative policy committees will hear the Governor’s bond proposals aimed at a large range of public works projects.  A conference committee will come up with the actual bills. Republican Senator Tom McClintock says he objects to the plan to present a bill to the legislature in final form. 

 “Your representative will only have a take it or leave it vote without the ability to offer any amendments or changes."

But Democratic State Senator Tom Torlakson defends the process, saying all can weigh in during policy hearings.  However, he acknowledges the challenges ahead with finding a balance of funding for each type of project. 

 “How much for housing, how much for transportation, how much for new highways… we believe we need a blend of all of these things.”

In addition to committee hearings some of the process will take place behind closed doors. Governor Schwarzenegger is expected to meet with legislative leaders to try to come to agreement on the final bills.