New Medicare Plan Kicks In

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 14, 2005

At the E.M. Hart Senior Center in mid-town Sacramento Monday, Patricia McEvely said she doesn’t know much about the changes and she’s still waiting for some kind of information in the mail. "I don’t know because I have not seen anything about it."

The 61-year-old retired Sacramento resident says she’s happy with the way things are now. 

"I’m an epileptic and my Medicare and Medi-Cal have helped me with paying for my medication and without it I don’t know where I’d be ‘cause I don’t have the money for it. I hope Medicare and Medi-Cal, for me, it just stays the same."  

Retired senior Charles Sivocca says he’s been inundated with mailers, but he’s concerned the plan may fall short.

"They sent me letters stating that they were going to save you a lot of money if you qualified. Well you know there are a lot of seniors that just don’t qualify and so they’re out. I think they should have a break too."

The new Medicare prescription drug program – or Part D – is supposed to help seniors save on medications by picking a private plan. But critics say it’s a boon to the pharmaceutical industry and too complicated for most people to understand.

The plan kicks in on January 1st.