Schwarzenegger Team "On The Road" To Push Agenda

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 8, 2005

Todd Harris, political advisor to the governor’s California Recovery Team says there’s less competition for voters’ attention during the Dog Days of summer. "We figured this is a perfect time to get out on the road and make sure that the public understands how critical these reforms really are."
 State Finance Director Tom Campbell and education advisors Margaret Fortune and Alan Bersin will kick off the summer tour in Bakersfield.  They’ll be promoting Propositions 74, 76, and 77 which tighten teacher tenure rules, give the governor new budget cutting powers, and give redistricting authority to a panel of retired judges.
Gale Kaufman, political advisor to the union-backed Alliance for A Better California says the governor’s aides can’t sell a bad product. "The bottom line is, these are dead-bang losers."
 Kaufman says recent polls confirm that voters generally oppose the governor’s initiatives.