Speaker Nunez Says It's Time for Big Five Meetings

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 7, 2005

The June fifteenth constitutional deadline for passing the annual budget bill is just a week away, and Assembly  Speaker Fabian Nunez says it’s time for the so-called BIG FIVE – the governor and the top four legislative leaders – to hash out a deal. 
"In the month of June of last year alone, we had six Big Five meetings. "
The governor’s press secretary Margita Thompson says the governor prefers one-on-one meetings with legislative leaders. 
"In Big Five meetings sometimes people decide to posture more for each other as opposed to getting down to brass tacks and identifying what are their true proprieties. "
Governor Schwarzenegger is expected to issue an executive order next Monday calling a special statewide election for November 8th
Press secretary Thompson says once the special election is a certainty, Democrats may get serious about negotiating with the governor on his initiatives and on the budget.