Jazz Jubilee Attracts Thousands

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 30, 2005

Revenue and attendance figures aren’t yet in, but judging by those who attended, the 32nd Sacramento Jazz Jubilee was a rousing success.

17-year-old Christina Ramiriz of Sacramento is one of the 3,800 volunteers involved in running the festival. “I love it here just because it’s a thing for all ages, not just adults, not just kids.  They have something for everybody.  The food is great, have to say, have to try the garlic fries and the hot links.”

Lance Corcoran, also from Sacramento, sounded a similar culinary theme. “It’s great to be around so many people that are enjoying themselves and having a great time.  And great food down here, I’m telling you, it’s sort of been a gastronomic nightmare as far as the diet’s concerned.  But we’re still having a great time.”