Sacramento Bishop Returns After Operation

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 18, 2005

It was Weigand’s first return to the diocese headquarters since his operation and a small group of clergy eagerly awaited his arrival, including Sister Eileen Enright. "He’s our bishop so we want to see him so this is a great moment for all of us."

The 67-year-old bishop told reporters that he’s still recovering from the April 1st procedure. “I’m pretty weak. I’m getting a feel for my sea legs, doing some walking each day, and the outpouring of concern on the part of tens of thousands of people who’ve sent cards and flowers and offered prayers, I just deeply appreciate.”

Weigand was in the hospital when Pope John Paul II died. He says he’s praying for the cardinals in Rome who are electing the new pope. “I’ve always looked on Pope John Paul the Second as like an older brother. So his passing touched me deeply and I would have loved to have been in Rome for the funeral but today I’m going to spend some time in prayer. We firmly believe that the holy spirit guides the cardinals.”

Weigand says it’ll probably be several more weeks until he feels healthy enough to conduct mass.