Matsui Sworn in at Nation's Capitol

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(Washington, DC)
Friday, March 11, 2005
In her first floor speech, Doris Matsui paid tribute to her late husband Robert Matsui who served the Sacramento area in Congress for 26-years. “Despite tragedy and heartbreak life indeed does go on, and I know that somewhere Bob is looking down and smiling.”
Matsui said she’ll continue her husband’s work on flood control. “I know that Bob made all of you aware, in some cases painfully aware, how important the issue of flood control is to Sacramento. You won’t be surprised to hear that that pain in your ear is not going to go away until we get it done.”
Matsui is the nation's 45th congressional widow since 1923 to assume the seat of her spouse. Hours after taking the oath of office Doris Matsui cast her first vote in favor of legislation authorizing federal highway and transportation funding for the next six-years, including 28-Million dollars for local projects.