State House Divided over Governor's Speech

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 6, 2005
Democratic Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg says the Republican Governor’s wish to change the way legislative districts are drawn is directly related to what happened in the November elections. Cut: GBerg (:05) “The basic thing they want to do is, they don’t want to have Democrats winning.” Republican Senate Leader Dick Ackerman was among the enthusiastic G-O-P—he says the idea to limit state spending if growth exceeds revenues is a good thing. Cut: DickAck (:05) “Too much stuff is on autopilot here and just keeps going up and up and up and he wants to try and stop that.” Democratic Senate Leader Don Perata (Purr-ah-tah) says the Governor’s track record shows there’s time to talk… Cut: Perata (:05) “Unless he changes radically, the way he approaches getting his job done, he will negotiate.” Many lawmakers say a special election is inevitable this year, as it’s unlikely the Governor will get all he wants through the legislature. SOC