The Nutcracker

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
It’s Saturday at the Dionisio’s house in Folsom. Jim waves goodbye to Renee and their two children Deanna and Tony as they begin the half hour drive to downtown Sacramento for today’s rehearsal. It’s a trip they’ve taken numerous times since September. But, at first, Renee had second thoughts about taking part this year. When my kids first decided to be in the Nutcracker, I’m like I don’t know if I wanna do this… gets a little nerve racking sometimes. (TRUNCATED VERSION OF SCRIPT… TO SEE FULL SCRIPT, DOWNLOAD FROM NEWS ON NEWS-SERVER) Marla Quinn co-ordinates rehearsals, which just a few days before opening day, have now moved into the Theatre. She says parents play a huge roll in their child’s success simply by being punctual. But I don’t think I want to become a professional dancer. I mostly want to become a comic book writer or a scientist. And that’s just fine with Ron Cunningham, who says the impact of the Nutcracker extends beyond dance and drama. Discipline, commitment, time-management all the things that are necessary for success in any kind of career that you could possibly think of. That’s what they learn in the Nutcracker. With the Dionisio family, I’m Paul Conley, KXJZ News.