Measure A Passes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 2, 2004
Measure A extends an existing half-cent sales tax for another 30-years. It’s expected to raise about 5-Billion dollars to pay for everything from repaving streets to maintaining light rail cars. One of the measure’s biggest supporters was Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo. Last night, as it was clear the measure was winning, Fargo said she was pleased. I think people in Sacramento really understand that we have a traffic congestion issue and I think people are willing to continue to contribute to try to fix some of the problems we have in this county. No on Measure A spokesman Grantland Johnson said opponents are disappointed but don’t plan to give up. I don’t think that you just pick up your marbles and walk away and sulk, I think that we will continue to be engaged with our fellow citizens. Johnson and other critics say Measure A doesn’t go far enough to promote alternative forms of transportation. Meantime….Sacramento County voters also approved two other measures on the local ballot: Measure K which lets local governments build low-rent housing that is exempt from property tax payments and Measure X – the so-called Library Tax that will help pay for new books and various children’s programs. Voters in Galt overwhelmingly rejected Measure –S. It would have raised the sales tax by a quarter cent to pay for public safety programs including additional police officers. But opponents argued it would made Galt’s sales tax the highest in the county. Steve Milne - KXJZ news.