"West of the West"/ "Under Our Skin"/ Sound Advice: Rock

"West of the West" There's the California you see in postcards and TV shows and then there's the California that most of us actually live in. That's the terrain explored in "West of the West," a new book by journalist and author Mark Arax. He lives in Fresno and was a senior writer at the Los Angeles Times. His other books include the 2003 bestseller "The King of California" which he co-wrote.

"Under Our Skin" A long-running controversy over Lyme Disease is explored in the new documentary "Under Our Skin." Some people who get Lyme Disease, an infection spread by ticks, develop chronic, long-term symptoms. However, many doctors and researchers don't accept that there is such a thing as chronic Lyme Disease. One of the people profiled is Jordan Fisher Smith, an author and former park ranger who lives in Nevada City.

"Under Our Skin" will be shown at 7:30 p.m. today at the Dietrich Theatre on the Sierra College Rocklin Campus, 4745 Rocklin Road, Rocklin.

Sound Advice: Rock Capital Public Radio music host Dennis Newhall joins us this week for our regular feature with suggestions of new music in all genres that you might want to check out. This week you'll hear about new albums by two of the biggest names in music, plus a reissue of a classic album by The Who.

Thursday, April 30, 2009