Swine Flu Update/ Politician Pay/ Modesto Comedy Festival

Swine Flu Update The swine flu outbreak has sickened people around the world, including in the Sacramento area. Today on Insight, Capital Public Radio News Health Reporter Kelley Weiss give you the latest updates on what's happening locally and a doctor and a lawyer will give medical and legal perspectives on public health emergencies.

Politician Pay Should California raise the salaries of its lawmakers and statewide officeholders? A compensation commission is holding hearings to find out what the public thinks. Tomorrow, the California Compensation Commission is in Sacramento. We'll talk with Commission Chair Charles Murray about it and hear from Senator Abel Maldonado.

Modesto Comedy Festival The Modesto Comedy Festival starts this week and it's intended to be a monthly event. We'll talk with the festivals producer about why he's bringing regular comedy to the Modesto area. We'll also talk with comedian Speedy, who's hosting the festival.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009