NEA chair/ "Dina's Diary" update

NEA Chair   The Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts is in Sacramento to deliver a keynote address for tomorrow's California Arts Council conference that will address the state of the arts in California. His award-winning poetry, reviews and essays have garnered him a lot of attention from the liberal arts community; more recently, he's been getting attention in Washington for the sizable increase in funds he's secured for the NEA. Today on Insight, find out what Gioia has to say about the state of the arts in California.

"Dina's Diary" update   Breast cancer survivor Dina Howard kept a microphone and recorder by her side, from the moment she was diagnosed until after she finished chemotherapy.  She'll talk about the documentary she made along with Paul Conley, the KXJZ reporter who produced it. They'll give an update on Dina's condition and talk about their experiences in making the "Dina's Diary." This segment originally aired Dec. 28, 2006.


Monday, January 29, 2007