Airport Bracing For Thanksgiving Travelers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
“Thanksgiving’s coming. For the holiday season, it’s really the busiest week.”
Airport spokeswoman Karen Doron says even though passenger traffic is down by 5%, they’re expecting big crowds this week. And they’ve made some changes in light of the H1N1 crisis.
“We’ve added additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the airport. So if you’re concerned about flu, you want to definitely take advantage of those. And in all of our restrooms, we’ve always had touchless faucets and soap dispensers.” 
To accommodate a lot more cars dropping off and picking up passengers, the curbside lanes at Terminal A will be divided into arriving and departing traffic to maintain flow. And with the ongoing construction of a new Terminal B, Doron says motorists should slow down and be alert.