Patrols Stepped Up During Causeway Classic

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 20, 2009
It’s an intense rivalry…equal to a Cal Bears and Stanford Cardinals match-up. And fans can get pretty rowdy.

Lt. Kelly Clark is with the Sacramento State Police Department. He says police will be out-in-force to prevent any alcohol-related incidents.   
“We get quite a group out there. There is alcohol being consumed. Sometimes it causes us some problems. The Sacramento Police Department is going to be assisting us as well as plain clothes officers from Alcohol Beverage Control. We just hope everyone has a real fun and safe day there.”
Kick-off time is 2:05 PM Saturday at Sacramento State’s Hornet Stadium. 
By the way – the “Causeway Classic” is named after the “Yolo Causeway”…a stretch of Interstate 80 that connects Davis and Sacramento. The teams exchange a trophy made out of cement taken from the causeway.