County's Deficit Rises Again; Supervisors Delay Budget Cuts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Sales tax revenues came in lower than projected earlier this week, bumping the county’s original $70 million deficit up to nearly $75 million. To make matters worse, revenues from a special state sales tax that funds public safety are below expectations as well. That means the sheriff, district attorney and probation departments could face up to a combined four million dollars more in cuts.
Supervisor Susan Peters says the last-minute word from the state caught everyone by surprise.
Peters: “Because the bad news from the state came in so late, we need a few more days to absorb it and see how it’s going to shake out to all the departments., and give us a chance to think about this thoughtfully.”
So supervisors will return on Tuesday to consider how to spread out the extra pain. The board will have to decide whether to shift funds from other departments to public safety to fill the new gap, or leave those already cash-strapped departments, like Child Protective Services, alone.