Sac County Supes Weigh Layoffs for 200 Sheriff's Deputies

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 13, 2009

Back in June, Sheriff John McGinness thought he’d have to lay off about 140 deputies to offset the county’s budget cuts to his department.  But the sheriff now says his calculations were wrong.  And unless the Board of Supervisors restores some of his funding, he’ll have to lay off some 65 more. The sheriff has said the extra layoffs would cut the number of deputies patrolling the unincorporated areas of the county in half.
Supervisors will likely ask county staff to propose alternatives to the layoffs.  But the county has already made hundreds of millions of dollars in budget cuts over the last year.  Officials say the only way to help the sheriff out would be to cut other county services.
The layoffs would take effect August 1st.