Partial Budget Solution Fails In Legislature

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 25, 2009

It was a rare bipartisan budget display in the Assembly.  The lower house passed three stop-gap measures to cut education spending and defer some payments.   The move came just a day after the state Controller warned he’ll have to start issuing IOU’s instead of checks as early as next week.  Democratic Assembly Speaker Karen Bass says it made sense for both parties to come together:

 “If you can get a partial solution that prevents IOU’s, why wouldn’t you do it?”

That’s a question for the Senate to answer.  Republicans – as well as a few Democrats – did not vote for the stop-gap measures – and they failed.  Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth said it was only a partial solution.   And tensions ran high during the floor debate:

Every year it’s the same game.  The public is sick of the games.  Didn’t you get that message on May 19?  We’re sick of the games!”

Hollingsworth says Republicans are looking for deeper cuts.  His remarks hit a nerve with Democratic Senator Denise Ducheney:

“With all due respect, this is not a game.  There are real people – and all of our constituents, who are waiting for these things to happen.”

Governor Schwarzenegger said he’d veto the measures if they made it to his desk.  He says he’ll only support a 24 billion dollar solution.