Kerridge: Days of Sac "Doing More With Less Are Over"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 11, 2009

**Click the LISTEN button to hear Kerridge's interview with Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler.**

Kerridge: “This downturn in the economy is a reality.  And the days of doing more with less are over.  There are some things that are gonna have to suffer.  So maybe we are gonna have to put up with a bumpier road for a little while until the economy turns, but that’s the effect of this situation.” 
As city manager, Kerridge is responsible for Sacramento’s budget and day-to-day operations.  To balance a $50 million deficit, Kerridge has proposed slashing every department.  Impacts include increased police and fire response times, dirtier parks and more.
Meanwhile, Kerridge declined to take a position on Mayor Kevin Johnson’s charter amendment that would shift most executive powers from the city manager to the mayor.
Kerridge also says Johnson is more of a big picture leader, while the previous mayor, Heather Fargo, focused more on process and details.