Swine Flu Impacting California Pork and Beef Producers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 27, 2009

The decision by the two countries to ban California pork and beef products puzzles industry leaders. The reason? All of the available scientific evidence indicates that swine flu cannot be transmitted through meat products. Matt Byrne with the California Cattlemen’s Association says even though there have been confirmed cases of swine flue in the state; there’s no reason to avoid pork or beef. 
It certainly isn’t a problem with meat from any sort of livestock. And accordingly it’s an unscientific that just doesn’t make any sense.

Officials are concerned that other countries might follow Russia and China and ban meat products from California and the others states that have confirmed cases of swine flu. California exports 200 million dollars worth of meat products annually. In recent years California beef producers lost millions of dollars in international sales due to mad cow disease